Hey there, thanks for stopping by the site. My name is Bo.

I’m a husband, father, pastor, and builder, with a few skills and a lot of interests. I document my life, interests, and thoughts on this site, which broadly fall into the categories of theology, philosophy, Christianity, masculinity, fatherhood, work, and cultural commentary.

Click here and here to get some philosophical underpinnings of this blog.

I also host a podcast show, called Virtus, on TheMajestysMen.com.

Virtus is an old-school Roman word that means courage, valor, manliness and honor. I’m attempting to resurrect this old virtue in my own life but also in yours. We need Virtus today like a man in a desert needs water to survive. In this podcast I’m on a journey toward Virtus, and I hope you will join me.

This is a personal show were I talk about my journey toward Virtus. So I will have shows in broad categories of theology/philosophy, work/labor, stuff I like, masculinity, and practical things that I do in my life.